NOTW: My vampire is buff (and sparkly too) :)

Hello my darlings! Another Monday, another manicure... this time a really beautiful one, I believe. :) This was my first attempt at doing a glitter-gradient manicure and I have to say I really like how it turned out. I decided to go for a nude nail polish as a base - OPI's My vampire is buff. I've been on a hunt for this nail polish for a while now (just look at my recent Pins and you'll know what I'm talking about) and I'm so happy I managed to find it - I got it on Click2Chic and it's a good thing I bought it when I did, because it seems it was the last bottle (it isn't available on their site anymore). It's just the most perfect nude nail polish that looks super flattering on the nails. 

As for the glitter, I opted for gold and decided to use two different ones - Ciate's Party Shoes to about half of the nail length and Antique Brooch (also from Ciate) topped over it.

Of course the manicure is not by any means perfect - you can see that the glitter goes a bit higher up on my index finger and maybe on the thumb as well, but all in all it turned out really nice and when I wore this manicure I couldn't stop staring at my nails (I think it looked even more beautiful in person than it does on the pictures bellow). :)

Nailtiques Formula 2 (base coat)
OPI My vampire is buff (3 thin coats)
Ciate Party Shoes (smaller glitter)
Ciate Antique Brooch (larger glitter)
Ciate Speed Coat (top coat)

So, what are your thoughts on this manicure? Have you tried creating a glitter gradient manicure before? What kind of manicure would you like to see next? :)

Empties #4

Hello darlings! After quite some time, I've managed to use up a few more things and decided to show you my 'trash' before I threw it out. :) As per usual, I've mostly used up shower/bath/hair products and other skin care, but I've also managed to finish off a few pieces of makeup (would you believe that?).

I have been quite a bit better with my whole skin care routine lately and products just keep on heading to the 'empties' bin (or box should I say), so you can expect a new empties post quite soon. It's an awesome feeling when you finish off a product but since my skin care now consists mostly off high-end items, I'm kind of dreading the moment when I run out of something, because that means I need to go out and repurchase it. :) Anyhew... let's get to the empties, shall we?

Tresori d'Oriente Viola de Nepal shower gel/cream - I got this from my mom and I enjoyed using it. It looks beautiful and smells beautiful, but it's your average shower gel/cream and I much prefer richer/hydrating shower products. Repurchase: no

Nivea Frangipan&Oil shower gel - I bought this because it seemed pretty interesting, the formula I mean. It's basically a clear gel, but has little yellow beads inside that I guess are full of oil and meant to be nourishing on the skin? I don't know... but it wasn't really nourishing at all, a pretty average shower gel. Repurchase: no

Afrodita Jojoba Oil (with shea butter) oil shower gel - My cousin recommended this shower gel to me and I did end up really loving it. It smells amazing and it was pretty moisturizing on the skin. It wasn't quite as good as my favorite Dove shower creams, but close enough. Repurchase: probably yes

Avon Simply delicate intimate wash - I had this bottle for way too long and ended up tossing out what was left of it inside. It was an ok wash, nothing special, I much prefer Nivea's intimate washes. Repurchase: no

Lush I love juicy shampoo - This product is actually being featured for the second time already - I've mentioned it in my Empties #2 post as well (I used up a smaller bottle of it, before picking up this bigger one). It's an awesome shampoo, wonderful for oily hair, smells lovely and feels really creamy when you're massaging it into your scalp/hair. I'm currently using/testing out some other hair care products, but I might switch to this one again, we'll see. Repurchase: maybe

Prive Daily shampoo - This was quite a surprise. I ended up loving this shampoo (and conditioner) and I really wasn't expecting much from it. I found this brand on BeautyBay and decided to give it a go. It's a lovely natural shampoo with great ingredients. It smells very nice, gentle, foams up nicely and cleanses my hair with ease, without stripping them of moisture too much. As I've already mentioned with Lush's shampoo, I'm currently using some other hair care products, but I might come back to this one as well. Repurchase: maybe

Afrodita 100% SPA sugar scrub - An amazing body scrub that smells divine and leaves your skin moisturized and deeply nourished for a long time. It's quite a rough, sugar scrub, but nothing too harsh. I would repurchase it the second I ran out of it, but I have some other body scrubs to use up first: Repurchase: hell yeah!

La Roche-Posay Serozinc - I've finally used up my first bottle of Serozinc. I'm now on my second bottle and have another one as a backup - I don't know what I'm going to do when I use up the last one... Sanja was kind enough to have brought me 3 bottles from France and when I use them all up I have no idea where I'm going to get it from (I hope some other blogger/friend/acquaintance will go to France soon). :) Anyhew... this is a wonderful toner that really made a difference to my skin. It helps with tightening my pores and protecting my skin from bacteria and other nasty things that could invoke a breakout or allergic reaction. I love this thing! Repurchase: yes, of course!

Avon Planet Spa Turkish Thermal Baths face mask - A wonderful clay mask that smells absolutely divine! I loved using it and it made my skin feel incredibly soft after each use (along with all other benefits of clay masks as well). I would use it again, but I'm not sure if I'll be repurchasing it any time soon, since I have other face masks to use up and I very rarely order anything from Avon. Repurchase: maybe

Alverde Clear cleansing cream - I've gone through about 3 tubes of this cleansing cream I believe and I think I'll just keep up repurchasing it. I don't use it as my daily cleanser, it's my 'under-the-shower' cleanser. I use it with my face brush from L'Occitane, so I do a bit of scrubbing as well. I might switch it up with Neutrogena's Visibly Clear 2in1 cleanser when I run out of the tube I'm currently using. Repurchase: yes (I'm already using a new one)

Mario Badescu Almond&Honey non-abrasive face scrub - A lovely scrub that really is non-abrasive and smells lovely (a bit like candy, very sweet, but not sickening). I liked using it, but it didn't do much for my skin to be honest and I've now completely stopped using any kind of manual/mechanical scrubs for my face (I only use a face 'brush' from L'Occitane with a cleanser when I'm under the shower), I rather use acid based products for that, so I won't be repurchasing this product. Repurchase: no

Yves Rocher Cacao&Orange hand cream - This was a lovely hand cream I got back in December when I attended the Yves Rocher blogger event. The combination of cocoa and orange created a lovely scent and I really enjoyed using it. It was also very moisturizing but not heavy at all and it sank into my skin pretty fast. I would consider repurchasing it, but it was limited edition. Repurchase: no

Deep Steep Brown Sugar Vanilla hand cream - This was a cream I had a love-hate relationship with purely because of its scent. I absolutely loved and hated the scent at the same time. How's that you ask? Well, it had a really, really strong scent to it, like so strong I could smell it when it was closed and just lying there on my bedside table. It smelled really nice, very vanilla-like, sweet, but not too sweet. But when I applied it to my hands the scent was a bit overwhelming, a bit too much. It did tone down after a few minutes, but it was just a bit too strong for me. The cream itself was super nourishing and quite thick, so it did need a bit of time to really sink into my hands. I did enjoy using it, but I probably won't be repurchasing it. Repurchase: no

Alverde Deo Roll-on (Mango Papaya) - I've been using this deodorant for a couple of years now and I don't intend on stopping any time soon. They keep on coming out with new variations/fragrances and I keep on trying them out. Not one has been a let down, I love every single scent and I'm currently using the new Mint-Bergamot 'version'. I've also got my mom hooked on these, so we both always have a back up in our stash. :) Repurchase: hell yeah, always!

Sierra Bees lip balm - I got this little things as freebies when I placed some orders on iHerb and they were really nice. I wouldn't necessarily repurchase them, but I might get them, if I'll be ordering anything from iHerb again (which I will, soon enough). Repurchase: maybe

Lily Lolo mineral foundation (in Blondie) - Finally, hallelujah! I finished my first pot of this wonderful foundation. I think it took me around 3 years, can you imagine?! I think that's probably due to the fact that I really don't wear makeup that often or I would have used it up much sooner. I've also recently used up a tiny bit that was left in another pot Aida gave me and ordered a shiny new one in a shiny new packaging. Love this stuff! Repurchase: for sure!

Catrice Eyebrow filler (eyebrow gel) - This is my holy grail brow product and basically the only brow product I use. It's a tinted brow gel that comes in one, 'universal' shade that just seems to match my eyebrows perfectly (it's an ashy light brown color). It darkens my eyebrows a bit and gives them that bit of color they need, whilst also keeping them in shape. I've worn this all day, on super hot, sweaty days and it has not budged - no eyebrows melting off here! It's also very affordable, so you know, it's a win-win. Repurchase: of course, already using a new tube!

NYX HD Eyeshadow base - This is the best eyeshadow base/primer I have ever used, though... I have been using theBalm's Put a lid on it primer ever since this one ran out and I think I can say it works just as good. This one however is much cheaper than theBalm's, so when I ran out of later, I think I'll go back to NYX, but I love both the same. Repurchase: yes

*Makeup Revolution II.

Hello lovelies! Today I have another Makeup Revolution review for you (go check out some other things I've tried from them). I was lucky enough to have been sent some new goodies (3 pigments, a lip gloss and a nail polish) from Lič at the end of June and have been testing them out ever since. :) Here's what I have to say about them...

Makeup Revolution Pure Pigments

I got three pigments in shades Virtuous, Cautious and Antic. They come in little 'bottles' with screw on caps and an opening with four wholes so they're easier to dispense. I was hoping the caps would be flat inside so I could 'shake out' a bit of the pigments inside of them and then dip my brush in the pigments (I hope you get what I'm trying to say - it's just a method I tend to use with loose powders/eyeshadows/pigments). Unfortunately they aren't flat inside so I ended up dispensing a bit of them on a little hand mirror I had lying around. A bit of a mess, but that's typical for pigments/loose eyeshadows.

The sades themselves are beautiful and right up my alley. Virtuous is a lovely pinky-brown shade, Cautious is a light brown-bronze and Antic is a stunning black with colorful glitter running through it. I managed to create two looks using Virtuous and Cautious, but was unsure what to do with Antic. At first I wanted to do a really dramatic black smokey eye, but when I started applying it and blending it out, it turned out pretty flat and the beautiful glitter just kind of went away. One thing that I've noticed with all three pigments is that they don't seem to blend all that great, but maybe that's just me being spoiled with my eyeshadow palettes from UD and Too Faced. :) They are however very affordable (only 1.95 € on Lič and a little really goes a long way.

I used Milk Jumbo eye pencil from NYX as a base (as you should with all pigments, use a base I mean) and Buck form UD Naked as a transition/crease shade.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Sheer Lip Gloss 

The next product I got was a lip gloss in the shade Eye To Eye. It's a very shimmery lip gloss that seems to be super pink in the tube and as a swatch, but is actually really sheer (as the name suggests) and comes out pretty clear/nude on my lips. 

Now, there are things I like and dislike about this gloss. I like the tube and the applicator - it's a plastic, slant-tip applicator, so you just squeeze some product out and directly apply it to your lips. I also love the scent of it - it smells super sweet, candy-like to me, really nice. What I'm not particularly happy with is the formula - it's pretty thick and sticky, so you feel like you have a ton of product on your lips. I'm also not super excited by the fact that it's basically sheer with a ton of shimmer in it - it's just not something I go for. That being said, I do still like it and I think I'll use it as a lipstick topper (if I want a certain lipstick to look more shiny and sparkly), like I did in the 3rd picture bellow, with Avon's Baby Lips lipstick. :)

Again, as with all Makeup Revolution products, this lip gloss is also super affordable - only 1.95 € on Lič, so I think it's worth trying it out (or any other lip product from Makeup Revolution for that matter). :)

Makup Revolution Nail polish

I also received a nail polish in the shade Promises. It's a nice dark, blue-based grey shade. I have no problem with the shade, even though it's not one I'd typically go for, but the formula is unfortunately pretty bad. It is quite streaky and you need to do 3 coats to kind of even everything out. Maybe it's just this shade, I can't speak for the entire shade selection they have (which is quite big by the way).

Now I didn't expect this to be in the same quality range as say Essie or OPI, but looking at the price range, I'd probably rather go and buy one of Essence's nail polishes instead. Don't get me wrong, this is not a terrible nail polish, but I think you can get better ones for around the same price (this product is also 1.95 €).

So, here you have my thoughts on these products. I think with there are (as with all brands) hits and misses - you can find some real gems and some pretty mediocre products as well. But with the prices being so affordable, you can't go wrong with trying out a bunch of stuff. :)

Have you tried any of these products, what are your thoughts on them? What's your favorite Makeup Revolution product?