NOTW: Ivory Affair

Hello my lovelies! I am finally back! I took a bit of a break from blogging for the past few weeks and I've also been really sick and miserable this last week... but, today I've managed to get myself together, took a nice hot shower, got my eyebrows in order and now I'm ready to blog again. :) Today I thought I'd show you a manicure I created quite a while ago and was really happy with how it turned out. It was one of those manicures that made me stare at my nails all the time, so I think it really deserves to be featured on the blog as well. ;)

Essie's Grow Richer (base coat)
Deborah Milano in 11 Ivory Affair (3 thin coats)
Essence Metal Glam in 04 Gold Digger (tips)
Ciate Speed Coat (top coat)

I'm still very much into nude nail polish shades at the moment and Ivory Affair from Deborah Milano was a recent discovery in my nail polish collection (I got it in a swap with a fellow beauty blogger quite a while ago and kind of neglected it - no more!). It's such a gorgeous ivory shade with a pink hint to it. My current lust is still OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around - I've actually already order it on BeautyBay but sadly it seems my parcel got lost, again. This is the second time this happened with BeautyBay and I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with them.

What kind of manicure would you like to see on the blog next week? :)

See you soon... (aka my fall/winter products) :)

Hello my lovelies! Today I thought I'd show you some items that are currently resting on my vanity table and are not really being used. These are my 'fall/winter' products, if you will... Now, I'm really not up to trend and I don't limit myself to specific shades/colors for specific times of the year, but the reality is that I just don't feel like wearing some products when it's hot and humid outside (not that we actually had a proper summer here in Slovenia). :)

When temperatures start to rise and girls start to wear super short pants (*with their buts sticking out*) I normally begin to steer away from heavy/full coverage foundation and just go for my trusty mineral foundation (Lily Lolo is my holy grail). I've been wearing Illamasqua's Skin Base religiously all throughout last winter and a bit in spring as well, so I know I'll be digging it out of my 'stash' again, when temperatures start to drop.

Nail polish is also one of those things I do 'adjust' as the seasons change. I'm not super strict about it and will wear whichever shade I choose, but I normally reach for nudes, pinks, light blues, even yellows when summer sets in. But in the colder months I find myself applying darker and richer shades. Some of my favorites are Ciate's Burlesque and Cabaret - amazing shades for fall/winter.

Something that also changes in my daily routine depending on the season is my perfume of choice. Throughout winter I was obsessed with Illamasqua's Freak and used up the 30 ml bottle I had before purchasing the full size 75 ml one, but when spring faded into summer it just started to feel a bit heavy on me and I started reaching for the lighter perfumes in my collection (like Estee Lauder's Sensuous or Jessica Simpson's Fancy). Another perfume that I really adore wearing in the colder months is Versace Crystal Noir. This one is actually not too heavy and I can pull it off in warmer months as well, but I just don't reach for as often as I do in fall/winter. :)

From L to R: Liz Earle in Raspberry, Elizabeth Arden in Wood Rose Cream, MAC in Plumfull

And last but certainly not least are my fall/winter lipstick shades. From time to time I'll try to pull off a red lip, but most of the time I tend to go for berry-toned lipsticks. Now, seeing the swatches above you're probably thinking that these lipsticks are pretty light and suitable for summer as well, and you're right... but they really are all a bit more berry-toned and do appear darker on my lips than some of the others I have in my collection. I usually go for lighter, brighter and more nude shades in summer. I've recently showed you my top 5 lip products, so go check that post out if you'd like to see what I love wearing at the moment. :)

How to make your eyeshadows shine...

Hello my lovelies! Today I thought I'd do a post on how to make your eyes/eyeshadows shine. Sometimes an eyeshadow just needs a little help to really show it's true color. Weather you own only drugstore eyeshadows or high-end ones, taking a few simple steps and using a few products can really make a difference in the way your eye makeup ends up looking. :)

Eyeshadow primer

If you tend to have oily skin and oily eyelids, you will benefit greatly from using a primer underneath your eyeshadows. There are plenty of great eyeshadow primers available on the market and you don't need to break your budget for everyone of them - the best and most affordable (from my experience) is NYX HD eyeshadow base, but recently I've also fallen in love with theBalm's Put a lid on it. I've done an eyeshadow primer comparison/battle post, so go check that out, if you haven't seen it yet.

But, even if you have normal or dry skin, I still think eyeshadow primer is somewhat necessary. Even if you find that eyeshadows last a very long time on you and don't crease whatsoever, you can still get an even longer wear with a great eyeshadow primer and also get better color payoff from the eyeshadows themselves. And the fact that you have normal/dry skin doesn't mean you won't sweat during high temperatures, so... :)

Eyeshadow base/eye pencil

Another great way to make your eyeshadows really pop is to use a colored base or eye pencil underneath them. For example - if you have really light eyelids with veins showing through (like me), you can make a huge difference in your eye look, if you apply a nude/skin colored base all over the lid, before applying your eyeshadows (MAC Painterly Paint Pots seem to be really popular, but I have yet to try them out for myself). That will give you a nice, even canvas to create a masterpiece on. :D The same goes for people with darker lids/darker eye area - you can lighten and even everything out with a great base.

Now, if you want to bring out the color of a certain eyeshadow more, you can use an eye pencil - I love the NYX Jumbo eye pencils. If you want to make a lighter shade more visible and vibrant, use a white colored pencil underneath it (like Milk) and if you want a black/dark eyeshadow to really be intense or perhaps to create a smokey eye look, you can use a black/dark grey pencil underneath (I have Black bean from NYX, but you can also use your 'plain' black eyeliner for this, if you know it won't smudge or wear off easily).

From L to R: Naked2 eyeshadow without a base, over theBalm primer, over NYX pencil in Milk

From L to R: Crave eyeshadow without a base, over theBalm primer, over NYX pencil in Black Bean

Eyeshadow brush

Last but not least I wanted to give a mention to eyeshadow brushes. Now, I'm really not a snob when it comes to brushes - if I like a brush and it preforms well, I don't mind if it's a MAC, Sigma, Real Techniques brush or a random $2 brush from the drugstore or eBay. :) But in general I have discovered that it can really pay off, if you invest in some good quality brushes. I'd especially recommend to invest in some good brushes for applying your eyeshadows (packing them on) and some great blending brushes (blending brushes make a huuuuge difference when you're creating your eye look). If you're big on gel/cream liners then I'd also recommend finding a few great angled eyeliner brushes which can also come in handy when filling in your eyebrows.

So, here you have a few simple but effective tips that can really help your eyeshadows look their best and your makeup looks turn out just the way you imagined them. :)