Pregnancy update: 30-37 weeks

Well hello there my darlings! If you're a regular reader of my blog than you probably already know I've been getting bigger, rounder and more pregnant in these past months... I'm now in the home stretch and ready to pop (well, let's give it a week or two more). :) Since I don't know when my little man will decide to make his appearance I thought it would be nice to do a little update... just in case he surprises us and comes a tad sooner.

As you can see from the pictures above 'we' have certainly grown in the past 7 weeks. My belly has really popped and I do look very pregnant. :) I've gotten a few more stretch marks in the past weeks but nothing major and to be perfectly honest I really don't give a damn about them. My weight gain is still very much on track as I've only gained around 5 kg in total. 

I really won't go week by week, telling you what happened (mostly because I don't remember everything) but I can tell you it has gotten a bit harder as the weeks progressed. I'm still feeling really good but my body sometimes feels it has enough of all this baby inside it. :) The little man is not little anymore and there's barely any room left for him inside so when he turns and wiggles around I feel like my belly is going to burst. He on the other hand doesn't really care and just does what he wants... :) 

He's been head down since about week 27-28 and thankfully it seems he's going to stay that way. He does seem to be dropping lower in my pelvis though which can hurt like a b**ch sometimes and it also means I need to pee, a LOT. :D

Fortunately nothing else seems to be troubling me... but like I said, my body is trying to tell me it's just about done carrying this child around. My abdominal muscles ache, my back aches a bit and sometimes I just feel like a train ran over me. I'm also experiencing some indigestion, I get a bit of a heartburn every day but it's not too bad, I sometimes feel sick - everything is just the result of my digestive system being squished by the baby. :) But most of the time I'm perfectly fine so I really can't complain.

By now I have everything ready for me and the baby, thankfully. The last few 'chores' I had to do was 'dress' the crib (I was waiting for some lovely bedding), wash and iron the smaller baby clothes and pack my hospital bag. I also packed a 'going home' bag for me and the little one so dad will just grab it and go get us. And I also installed the car sit in our car (there's a whole procedure on how to install it securely). Now that I have everything in order I feel like I can relax and just wait for him. Though this nesting 'instinct' is still going strong and I seem to want to have the entire flat clean all the time (which of course is a no-go since I can't clean like I did before I had this huge belly). :)

*Summer-ready with La Roche-Posay and Vichy

Hello my darlings! I'm back after a really long hiatus... hopefully this time I'll stay a bit longer. :) I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant and living in my own happy bubble. I had so much things to do and so much to prepare that I really couldn't find the time (or the will) to sit down and write a few blog posts. Since my baby could be arriving any day now I'll try to write a bunch of posts at a time and schedule them in advance - so you'll always have something to read. ;)

Anyhew... even though it's nice and cold outside at the moment, I'm pretty sure we haven't seen the last of summer or at least we haven't seen the last of sunny weather, so it won't hurt if we talk a bit about sun protection. I've been sent a bunch (and I do mean a bunch!) of awesome products from Vichy and La Roche-Posay and it would be a shame if I didn't introduce them to you. :)

All of the products I received had an SPF of at least 30 if not 50, which I was really happy about. I think it's quite silly when people go to the beach to sunbathe and apply something with an SPF of 10 or 15 and think they won't get burned. You won't believe it but I was actually made fun of when I was using these high SPF products on me and my husband - something along the lines of why do we need them, we're not babies or small children. Apparently only those two groups need high sun protection. :S People say they understand the negative side effects of sun exposure and sun damage, but they really don't and most will still do anything just to get a bit of a tan.

Anthelios XL Cream (bottom) and Fluid (top)

I was sent three products from La Roche-Posay, including one for babies... the team from Luna TBWA are so considerate - they knew I was pregnant and already sent me something for my little one. I obviously can't say much about this product yet because I haven't even opened it (I'm saving it for when my little guy comes and I'll actually be able to use it on him). :) The other two though, I tested thoroughly. The Anthelios XL fluid was actually sent to me last summer but since I haven't used it up I decided to put it in this post and also compare it to the cream.

Both the fluid and the cream feel really nice on the skin and neither one caused me any clogged pores or breakouts. If I would have to choose between them I'd probably go for the fluid just because I prefer the lightness of it - you can barely feel it on your face after application, whilst the cream is a bit more heavy. Both are also scent free (or at least I don't smell anything noticeable) and I think they would work great even for more sensitive skin.

I also got some great products from Vichy - Super Foam for kids with an SPF of 50 and a Gel-fluid with an SPF of 30 for the face. The foam was something I got really excited (I guess I still am a kid at heart). It comes out of the can as a really thick, slightly red-orangy foam that smells of strawberries - now who wouldn't like that? :) It does leave a slight tint on the skin when you're applying it but it doesn't seem to transfer on your clothes (at least not that I noticed). After application you may feel tacky for a bit but the feeling goes away quite quickly. I think it's a wonderful product for kids but it's also super fun for adults (or at least that's how my husband and I feel). :)

The Gel-fluid for your face is just that - a gel-fluid. It has a lovely, light consistency that spreads beautifully over the skin and feels really light. I can't say anything about the bronzing part as I haven't noticed any but that's not why I use these products in the first place. I'm actually really happy with my healthy, fair complexion.

And last but definitely not least (I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of this product) is the Tan optimizing hydrating spray with an SPF 30. This was actually my favorite product out of all that I received. In fact we used it up when we went on a short holiday so that's why I don't have a picture of it. :) It has an awesome packaging with a very unique open/close mechanism and most importantly it's a spray which means it's super easy to apply and pretty much fuss-free. :)

I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with every single product and I would definitely recommend them. You can get them at your local pharmacy and if none of these products tickle your fancy, check out all the other ones they have to offer - you're sure to find something for yourself.

*MeMeMe Arch Angel [ENG & SLO]

Hello lovelies! This week I'll be spamming you with multiple MeMeMe product reviews. I received a beautiful 'goodie bag' from them quite some time ago. I had the opportunity to choose a few products myself, the others were sent randomly but tailored to my skin tone (as in I'm quite pale so I got the lightest shade of concealer, powder and so on). :)

Živjo punce! Ta teden vas bom zasula z ocenami izdelkov znamke MeMeMe. Kar nekaj časa nazaj sem od njih (v sodelovanju s spletno trgovino Moja Drogerija), prejela čudovito škatlico 'dobrot'. Imela sem priložnost sama izbrati nekaj izdelkov, nekaj pa jih je bilo poslanih po njihovem izboru a v skladu z mojim tenom (recimo dobila sem najsvetlješe odtenke korektorjev, pudra, ipd.). :)

The first product I decided to review is also the product that I was really looking forward to try out. I've had my eye on the Arch Angel for quite some time but never got around to actually purchasing it (I've been loving my Catrice Eyebrow gel). However, I was a bit disappointed when I received the darker shade as I do have lighter hair and eyebrows... I was pretty sure it would be too dark for me. Thankfully that was not the case at all. Yes, I do get quite defined brows when I use it but I actually like that and it doesn't look weird at all. :)

Prvi izdelek, ki sem se ga odločila ocenit je hkrati tudi izdelek, ki sem se ga najbolj razveselila. Arch Angel si želim preizkusiti že precej časa, pa nikakor nisem uspela priti do nakupa, saj sem veselo uporabljala svoj Catrice obarvani gel za obrvi. :) No, ko pa sem končno ta izdelek zagledala v svoji škatlici, pa sem bila rahlo razočarana, saj sem dobila temnejši odtenek (na voljo sta dva) in bila sigurna, da bo pretemen zame (imam namreč bolj svetle lase in obrvi). Na srečo se je izkazalo, da so bili moji dvomi neupravičeni. Ja, ko uporabim ta gel, mi precej obarva in povdari obrvi, vendar mi je to dejansko všeč in prav nič čudno ne izpade.

The side with the gel is phenomenal and I love everything about it - from the shade to the size of the brush which offers precise application. It really defines the brows, gives them color and keeps them in place, but at the same time makes them look natural. Unfortunately though, that can't be said for the highlighting part - I just really don't like it. First of all it's way to shimmery for me, bordering on metallic... but what bothers me the most is that when you apply it, it sets almost instantly and leaves you zero time to work with it (you can't really blend it out nicely). I've tried it numerous times and numerous ways but it just doesn't work for me.

Stran z obarvanim gelom mi je zelo všeč - od odtenka pa vse do majhne krtačke, ki omogoča natančen nanos. Obrvi zelo lepo, a naravno obarva in povdari ter jih hkrati drži na mestu. Na žalost pa mi druga stran - osvetljevalec, ni prav nič všeč. Za moj okus je pretirano svetleč, skoraj metalik, a od vsega me najbolj moti dejstvo, da ko ga enkrat naneseš, se skoraj isto sekundo posuši in ne moreš z njim prav nič počet (se pravi ni časa, da bi ga lepo, enakomerno razmazal pod lokom obrvi). Poskusila sem ga na več načinov, a zame preprosto ne deluje.

I really like this product (especially the design - MeMeMe really goes the extra mile for their packaging), but since I won't be using the highlighting part I really can't justify the price tag and I'm not sure I'd be repurchasing it after I ran out of it. If you end up liking the highlighter and you get the full use out of it, then I think the price is fine. :) You can get Arch Angel in two shades (light and dark brown) on MeMeMe's website for £8.95.

Izdelek mi je zelo všeč (sploh pa sam izgled - MeMeMe ima res zelo lepe embalaže), ampak glede na to, da osvetljevalca praktično ne bom uporabljala, cene nekako ne morem upravičit in ne vem ali bi ga sama kupila po tem, ko mi ga bo zmanjkalo. Če vam je osvetljevalec všeč in če lahko uporabljate celoten izdelek, tako kot je mišljeno, potem se mi zdi cena čisto primerna. Pri nas lahko Arch Angel dobite v Moji Drogeriji, najdete ga pa tudi na spletni strani MeMeMe.