*MeMeMe Arch Angel [ENG & SLO]

Hello lovelies! This week I'll be spamming you with multiple MeMeMe product reviews. I received a beautiful 'goodie bag' from them quite some time ago. I had the opportunity to choose a few products myself, the others were sent randomly but tailored to my skin tone (as in I'm quite pale so I got the lightest shade of concealer, powder and so on). :)

Živjo punce! Ta teden vas bom zasula z ocenami izdelkov znamke MeMeMe. Kar nekaj časa nazaj sem od njih (v sodelovanju s spletno trgovino Moja Drogerija), prejela čudovito škatlico 'dobrot'. Imela sem priložnost sama izbrati nekaj izdelkov, nekaj pa jih je bilo poslanih po njihovem izboru a v skladu z mojim tenom (recimo dobila sem najsvetlješe odtenke korektorjev, pudra, ipd.). :)

The first product I decided to review is also the product that I was really looking forward to try out. I've had my eye on the Arch Angel for quite some time but never got around to actually purchasing it (I've been loving my Catrice Eyebrow gel). However, I was a bit disappointed when I received the darker shade as I do have lighter hair and eyebrows... I was pretty sure it would be too dark for me. Thankfully that was not the case at all. Yes, I do get quite defined brows when I use it but I actually like that and it doesn't look weird at all. :)

Prvi izdelek, ki sem se ga odločila ocenit je hkrati tudi izdelek, ki sem se ga najbolj razveselila. Arch Angel si želim preizkusiti že precej časa, pa nikakor nisem uspela priti do nakupa, saj sem veselo uporabljala svoj Catrice obarvani gel za obrvi. :) No, ko pa sem končno ta izdelek zagledala v svoji škatlici, pa sem bila rahlo razočarana, saj sem dobila temnejši odtenek (na voljo sta dva) in bila sigurna, da bo pretemen zame (imam namreč bolj svetle lase in obrvi). Na srečo se je izkazalo, da so bili moji dvomi neupravičeni. Ja, ko uporabim ta gel, mi precej obarva in povdari obrvi, vendar mi je to dejansko všeč in prav nič čudno ne izpade.

The side with the gel is phenomenal and I love everything about it - from the shade to the size of the brush which offers precise application. It really defines the brows, gives them color and keeps them in place, but at the same time makes them look natural. Unfortunately though, that can't be said for the highlighting part - I just really don't like it. First of all it's way to shimmery for me, bordering on metallic... but what bothers me the most is that when you apply it, it sets almost instantly and leaves you zero time to work with it (you can't really blend it out nicely). I've tried it numerous times and numerous ways but it just doesn't work for me.

Stran z obarvanim gelom mi je zelo všeč - od odtenka pa vse do majhne krtačke, ki omogoča natančen nanos. Obrvi zelo lepo, a naravno obarva in povdari ter jih hkrati drži na mestu. Na žalost pa mi druga stran - osvetljevalec, ni prav nič všeč. Za moj okus je pretirano svetleč, skoraj metalik, a od vsega me najbolj moti dejstvo, da ko ga enkrat naneseš, se skoraj isto sekundo posuši in ne moreš z njim prav nič počet (se pravi ni časa, da bi ga lepo, enakomerno razmazal pod lokom obrvi). Poskusila sem ga na več načinov, a zame preprosto ne deluje.

I really like this product (especially the design - MeMeMe really goes the extra mile for their packaging), but since I won't be using the highlighting part I really can't justify the price tag and I'm not sure I'd be repurchasing it after I ran out of it. If you end up liking the highlighter and you get the full use out of it, then I think the price is fine. :) You can get Arch Angel in two shades (light and dark brown) on MeMeMe's website for £8.95.

Izdelek mi je zelo všeč (sploh pa sam izgled - MeMeMe ima res zelo lepe embalaže), ampak glede na to, da osvetljevalca praktično ne bom uporabljala, cene nekako ne morem upravičit in ne vem ali bi ga sama kupila po tem, ko mi ga bo zmanjkalo. Če vam je osvetljevalec všeč in če lahko uporabljate celoten izdelek, tako kot je mišljeno, potem se mi zdi cena čisto primerna. Pri nas lahko Arch Angel dobite v Moji Drogeriji, najdete ga pa tudi na spletni strani MeMeMe.

Pregnancy update: 25-30 weeks

Hello lovelies! I'm 3/4 through my pregnancy and can't wait to see and hold my little munchkin for the first time! A lot has been going on in the last five weeks, so I thought I'd share some of it with you...

Week 25-27 - I felt amazing and was in pregnancy heaven. The round ligament pain was nowhere to be seen and in general all was going great. There were lots and lots of kicks, jabs, rolls and god knows what other fun movement in my belly. The little monster was super active, the most active in the entire pregnancy. It was super exciting but a bit uncomfortable as well (those kicks in the ribs weren't so nice).

Week 28 - Was another awesome week and looking at the pictures I took (I take pictures every other week or so), my belly popped out big time. There was such a difference from week 26 to 28 that I almost couldn't believe it. By this week baby had grown so big that the intensity of the kicks/jabs became noticeably weaker - they were still frequent but there weren't any super intense, powerful kicks (that's because there was way less room in there now). I did however start to feel major pressure inside my belly every time baby rolled over and pressed hard on my uterine wall.

Week 29 - Was a very eventful week. We had a 3D sonogram and got some super cute pictures plus we finally found out the sex of our little peanut, so without further ado... we're having a...

...BOY! :) And we're finally 100% sure since we saw his boy parts in 3D as well. We have one name chosen and will probably stick to it till the end, but you never know...

When we had the 3D sonogram my doctor also took all the necessary measurements and he's right on track with the weeks of gestation. He's also head down which is great as it means he's getting ready for delivery (I just hope he stays that way). Since he turned down I do experience a bit of discomfort from time to time because he presses against my bladder and other organs, but it's really nothing to complain and much better than the round ligament pain I experienced earlier in my pregnancy.

In week 29 I also experienced my first hormonal break down and it wasn't cute. I didn't have any problems with hormones messing up my brain so far, so when it hit me I was not prepared. It was a mix of emotions from sad to angry to almost depressed and most of my negativity was concentrated at my poor husband. Thankfully this lasted only a day and then went away as quickly as it came. Hopefully there won't be any more 'incidents' like this. :)

Week 30 - Still feeling fine and almost not pregnant. I'm rarely in any discomfort and I feel great most of the time. I'm busy buying and organizing the 'last' things I need for me and baby... I mostly have everything and I would be fine if he was born right now, but there are still a couple of things I need. I'll also have to invest in some nursing pads and bras soon as I've started to leak colostrum (the first milk). 

The little monster is still very active and getting bigger by the day and I'm pleased that I'm getting bigger in my belly only (I really haven't gained much weight - around 3 kg). I also haven't gotten any new stretch marks (other than the ones I had prior to the pregnancy - those are starting to widen a bit but they are still white). My belly button is still in (though barely holding on) and I really hope it stays in. :)

*Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro lipstick

Hello lovelies! Today I'd like to talk to you about a new gorgeous lipstick from Makeup Revolution - Iconic Pro. Ličila.si and Makeup Revolution Slovenija have been spoiling me/us/bloggers lately and sending a bunch of goodies our way (I have an eyeshadow palette to review as well). :)

Sooo... I wasn't really sure what to expect from this lipstick as I've only tried one other from this brand (which was great though) and I am quite a snob when it comes to makeup so I tend to gravitate towards higher-end products... Thankfully this lipstick was a lovely surprise and I loved it straight away. 

The shade I got - Absolutely Flawless, is a beautiful pinky-brown nude shade with a very creamy formula. This might be an even better nude than my Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Naked (that one is a bit more on the pink side). I'm currently in my nude lipstick faze so this little lippie really 'hit the spot' for me. :) 

The pigmentation is really nice and if it were any better, I'd be seriously impressed. :) The scent is ok, nothing obnoxious but nothing super pleasant either (I have to admit I do really like it when lipsticks have a nice scent to them, so that's a bit of a downside for me). The bullet is nice, looks extremely similar to Mac's bullets but with more shine and a combination of black and rose gold instead of black and silver (like most Mac lipsticks have). It doesn't feel super luxurious but it doesn't feel cheep either.

You can choose from a nice selection of shades they have on their site and you even have a few matte 'versions', if that's your thing. :) I wouldn't mind adding You're a Star to my lipstick collection... And all of them cost a mere 4.59 € - what a bargain! :)