*Amway ARTISTRY Exact Fit powder

Hello my darlings! Yes I know... another review - I'm on a role tonight, aren't I? :D So, after the beautiful MeMeMe blush, comes another gorgeous face item - Amway Artistry Exact Fit powder. I have to be honest, the first time I heard of this brand was when I was contacted by their PR. I tried to research the product a bit but didn't find much, so these really were uncharted waters for me. :)

The powder (as you can see) is absolutely stunning! The beautiful gold box comes in a black velvet pouch and you actually have to 'assemble' it before first use - you get the box in the pouch and then the refill and sponge come separately. Now, that can be a real plus for some or a real downside for others. 

The refill part is great, because you can re-use the box and just buy the refill when you run out, but the whole 'assembling' part can also be a bit of a pain and make the product feel gimmicky and cheaper than it really is - like the fact that the glue on the bottom of the refill pan doesn't really hold it down as strong as it should. That really made me feel like I have to be super careful with the whole thing or else it might fall out and break (thankfully that didn't happen... yet). There's also a separate compartment in the bottom of the box which holds a sponge. I never use sponges to apply my powders, but I know a lot of women do and would appreciate this aspect of the packaging.

The lovely PR that contacted me also helped me choose a shade that would fit me, but unfortunately I seem to think I'm paler than I really am and so I ended up choosing a shade (Chablis) that was quite a bit too light for my skin tone (I think Chiffon would be the right one). However, I found another way to use this powder - as a highlighter! Because it's a matte formula intended to be used as an all-over face product, it's great to use under the eyes or anywhere else you'd want to highlight but can't/wouldn't want to use a shimmery highlighter. I use it under my eyes, in the middle of my forehead, on the bridge of my nose and a bit on my chin - it works great!

The formula is super soft and doesn't create that powdery look on your skin. I like to use a dense buffing or kabuki brush to apply it. I can also detect a slight scent to the powder, but nothing to noticeable and definitely nothing that would make me want to use it less. :)

I think this is a lovely powder and a great addition to my face routine, but to be honest, for the steep price of almost 50 €, I would expect much more from it. The packaging is nice, but definitely not superb. The refill itself has a much more reasonable price - around 30 €, so when you already have the box, it's a lot easier to just buy a refill.

What are your thoughts on this product, something for you? Have you tried anything from Amway or anything from their Artistry line? 

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*MeMeMe Blush Me! rdečilo v odtenku Pink [SLO]

Lep pozdrav punce! Danes bi vam rada predstavila čudovito rdečilo znamke MeMeMe. V sodelovanju z Mojo Drogerijo mi je podjetje MeMeMe poslalo čudovit paket - znotraj je bilo to rdečilo in pa tekoča kremna podlaga (ocena pride kmalu). Zaenkrat nisem prav dosti reči sprobala od te znamke, razen četvorčka senčil za oči (ki me je pustil precej hladno), zato sem se zelo razveselila priložnosti, da preizkusim še kaj in nekako dobim boljši občutek za znamko/podjetje kot celoto. :)

Na srečo me je to rdečilo res navdušilo! :) Rdečilo pride v zelo lušni škatlici - podobni tistim od Benefita, vendar morda še malenkost boljši (nekako mi je bolj všeč, da lahko celoten zgornji del odstranim oz. dvignem, pri Benefit-ovih je zgornji del pritrjen na spodnjega). Čopič, ki je priložen je precej vredu in definitivno uporaben, vendar sama raje uporabim druge čopiče za našanje rdečila.

Znotraj škatlice se nahaja čudovito rdečilo, živahnega roza odtenka z rahlim pridihom bleščic. Ko sem prvič zagledala barvo rdečila, sem se malenkost ustrašila, da bom, če bo rdečilo zelo pigmentirano, izpadla kot klovn... ali pa da bo rdečilo premalo pigmentirano in bom morala s čopičem 'vrtati' vanj, da bom sploh kaj barve dobila na lica. Z veseljem sem ugotovila, da je pigmentiranost ravno pravšnja in zato primerna tudi za začetnice. :) Čeprav vsebuje bleščice, na koži ne izpade bleščeče, ampak nekako deluje kot rdečilo in osvetljevalec v enem - naredi res zelo lep izgled na licih. Obstojnost je prav tako super... v bistvu ne najdem nobene negativne strani. :)

To rdečilo al katerikoli drug odtenek iz njihove ponudbe lahko najdete na Moji Drogeriji za ugodnih 12.79 €, vendar bodite pozorni tudi na razna znižanja in akcije. :) 

Kaj pa vi menite - je ta odtenek nekaj za vas ali bi se raje odločile za katerega drugega? Ste poizkusile že kaj od MeMeMe, kako ste bile zadovoljne z izdelki?

*MeMeMe Blush Me! blush in Pink

Hello darlings! Today I'd like to talk to you about a gorgeous blush I received from MeMeMe a few weeks ago. In cooperation with Moja Drogerija, MeMeMe kindly sent me a beautiful package - inside was this blush and also their cream foundation (review coming soon). I haven't tried much from this brand, with the exception of an eye quad (that left me pretty unimpressed), so I was really excited to try some more things and get a better feel about the brand as a whole.

Thankfully, this blush knocked my socks off! :) It comes in a gorgeous box - very similar to the Benefit blush boxes, but in a way even better (I kind of prefer that you can actually pull the whole 'lid' off). The brush that comes with it is not bad and quite useful, but I of course prefer to use my own blush brushes.

Inside is a generous amount of a beautiful bubble gum pink blush with tiny hits of shimmer running through it. When I saw the shade I was afraid it would be either too pigmented and I would end up looking like a clown or would severely lack in pigmentation and I would have to 'dig' my brush in it to get a bit of color on my cheeks. I can happily say it's dead smack in the middle - perfect pigmentation, if you ask me. :)  Even though it contains shimmer, it doesn't come off as too shimmery on your skin - it acts more like a blush highlighter and looks really flattering. The staying power is also great... I basically don't have anything bad to say about it. :)

You can get this blush or any other from their selection on the MeMeMe website for £8.50. Slovenian readers can get them on Moja Drogerija for 12.79 € (but keep an eye for discounts!). :) 

What are your thoughts on this shade, something for you or would you rather pick up a different shade? Have you tried any other MeMeMe products?