NOTW: Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

Hello hunnies! Today I'm finally showing you the nail polish I've been lusting after - OPI's Don't Bossa Nova Me Around. I've been really into nude nail polishes for the past couple of months (the exception being Ciate's Cabaret) and when I stumbled across a swatch (or 10) of this particular shade I knew I had to have it. :)

It's a gorgeous... I would call it pink nude. It's kind of muted, almost a bit grey-ish and looks very chic on the nails. I was a bit worried that it would be 'too nude' but it suits my skin tone so nicely. I actually had a hard time using other shades, because I wanted to apply this one over and over again.

The formula is very nice and quite opaque, but I did end up applying 3 thin coats anyway. I didn't have any problems with it being too streaky or anything like that. It lasted on me very well, but I do always use a base and top coat (this time I used Ciate's) and take my time with waiting for each layer to dry.

So, what are your thoughts on this shade - something for you? What's your favorite nail polish at the moment?

*Vichy Idealia face cream

Hello my darlings! As promised I continue this week in pink-themed product reviews. Today I'm going to talk to you about a lovely Vichy face cream I received a couple of weeks ago for review purposes. :)

| I know that if a cream looks nice I will be more inclined to use it, simple as that. |

As the rest of the Idealia line, this cream also comes in a stunning, pale pink packaging. The jar is made from glass, feels heavy and luxurious and also has a lovely mirror on top of the lid (I feel like it's there more for esthetic purposes, but you can actually see yourself in it pretty nicely and you could definitely use it for applying the cream or any other touch-ups needed, if you wouldn't have a larger mirror at your disposal). :)

Not only is the packaging pink and beautiful, the cream itself is also pink. Now that might not matter to many women, but I know that if a cream looks nice I will be more inclined to use it, simple as that. :)

| The cream is enriched with Kombucha, AHAs, vitamins, probiotics and polyphenols (powerful antioxidant properties).  |

The consistency of the cream is very light (I have the normal to combination version). I would almost describe it as a mixture between a gel and a cream. It glides on the skin with ease and sinks into it very fast. After it sets your skin becomes noticeably smoother and appears brighter, healthier (now isn't that what we all want?). The smoothness is due to (I'm guessing) silicons, but the brightening effect is due to the tiny shimmering particles in it. That's why I also love the eye cream from this line - both creams just illuminate the skin so beautifully. :) The scent is also very pleasing - not exactly natural, but nothing too strong, just a gentle, almost floral scent.

| The cream is hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, paraben free and enriched with Vichy Thermal Spa water.  |

I think this cream would work best for people with normal skin but a dull appearance to it because this cream really does work great at brightening up the skin. I have combination skin, but I find that this cream would probably suit me only in summer or when my skin feels great and sufficiently hydrated, because it's really doesn't have the most nourishing formula (maybe the one for dry skin is a different story). It does however work great as a makeup base since it creates a lovely, smooth surface to work on.

If you're looking for a pick-me up face cream for your skin and don't need too much moisturization, than this is the product for you. You can get it at your local pharmacy for around 28 €.

Clarins Natural Lip Perfector

Hello my lovelies! I am back and better than ever (hopefully...). :) This weekend and all through next week I'm going to have a theme running on my blog - PINK! It's October and it's National Breast Cancer Awareness month so in light of that, I'll be reviewing pink-colored products or incorporate pink in my post in some other way. The product that will 'start off' the theme/post series, will be Clarins' Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector.

| It became one of my favorite lip products in no time..  |

It took me a really long time to buy this beauty and when I finally did I had one of those 'where have you been all my life' moments. :) It became one of my favorite lip products in no time (if not 'the' favorite). I'm not really a lip gloss or a lipstick fan - I love both equally. Though, I do own much more lipsticks than I do lip glosses - that's probably because I'm never really super attracted to lip glosses when I'm shopping. I just don't feel the need to own a bunch of different shades of lip gloss - I either go for a nude shade or a bolder one (with a bit more pigmentation to it). This lip gloss hasn't changed my mind and I'm not running to the store to get more shades of it, but that's due to another reason...

| I don't want to and I wouldn't pay 15 € for a clear gloss... |

I would absolutely get more shades, because I'm so in love with the formula and the packaging, but out of the 6 shades that are available, only one other besides the one I have (05) has the same amount of pigmentation to it, others seem to be a different color, but end up looking the same on the lips, because they're practically clear, with just a hint of color to them. And for that aspect I can totally understand how there are plenty of women out there that aren't really impressed with these lip glosses and don't believe the product can justify it's price. And I totally agree with them - I don't want to and I wouldn't pay 15 € for a clear gloss, but the shade I have gives the perfect amount of pigmentation to my lips and creates a gorgeous, nude, glossy look which I really love. It also looks amazing on top of nude/natural shades of lipstick (I always pair it with Urban Decay's lipstick in Naked - the perfect combo). :)

In short - I absolutely adore this lip gloss! It has the most amazing, creamy, non-sticky formula that seems to moisturize and really perfect your lips. I've applied it over chapped lips plenty of times and it just kind of 'covers up' the small dry flakes and instantly makes my lips look better. It has a pleasant scent to it and it's also sweet, so if you end up getting it into your mouth it won't leave a bad, bitter taste behind (which is always good). :) 

| It has the most amazing, creamy, non-sticky formula that seems to moisturize and perfect your lips. |

In case you haven't figure it out by now, I really love this lip gloss and I know I'll keep on using it day after day. As I've said, I only like one other shade in the collection (it's a nice brown shade, I don't remember the number of it), but I think I'll get it next summer - it will be great for a bronze look. :)

What are your thoughts on this product, have you tried it or would you like to? What's your current favorite lip product?