CadeaVera Face 25+ Erfrischender Reinigungsschaum

I bought this cleansing foam a couple of months ago because I was searching for a good (quality + price) cleansing product. I read numerous good, even great reviews about this product so I decided to try it out myself.

The price is just ridiculous - a little over 2 €, so I really didn't feel bad about buying it. The foam creates a nice feeling on the skin, it is very rich and keeps it's form, it also has a nice smell and cleanses the skin very well. However I'm not pleased by the fact that it really dries out and tightens my skin. Though every single cleansing product does that to my skin, there are those who do that more severely and those that do not. After using this foam I have to dry my face with a towel very fast and apply a cream even faster or I feel like my skin is going to crack and fall off. I use it when I want a really good cleaning of my skin, because it does that well or at least gives the felling it does. I would say it is more suitable for greasy, thick skin and it is not the right choice for dry, sensitive skin. It is not a bad product, but I doubt I would buy it again since I'm always on the lookout for more gentle cleansers.

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